balancing on a kayak

How Easy Is It To Tip My Kayak?

Hello, fellow kayaker!

So, you’ve gone and visited our rental page, and gotten your kayak but want to make sure you’re going to be safe out there? Have some apprehension about the stability of kayaks, in general?

To be fair, that is a relatively common concern and it’s understandable.

kayaking on river
kayaking on a river

One question that comes up pretty often is: “do kayaks tip over easily?” They are really tiny boats, so it makes sense to ask. But, luckily, we’re here to alleviate concerns, while still keeping expectations grounded in reality.

To say it’s impossible to flip over a kayak would be untrue, but it is pretty difficult if you’re sitting in, weight distributed properly, and somehow actively trying to do so.

They’re made to be stable, which is why it’s a pretty safe hobby. The majority of the time when a kayak does end up flipping over, it’s something outside the person’s control, but that’s not to say user error (or recklessness) isn’t a factor.

kayaking on a lake
kayaking on a lake

As long as you’re being safe, paying attention to what you’re doing, as well as to your surroundings (like when out on Canyon Lake, with boats around], and kayaking in a calm place (such as out on the waters of the Blue Ridge Reservoir, you’ll stay balanced enough and be able to avoid tipping fairly easily.

Here’s to a hope we’ve alleviated some of your concerns about tipping your kayak. Stay safe out there and have fun!

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